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Yantai Joyshing Glass Co.,LTD. ,as a specialized and leading manufacturer and supplier of various glass products in China, aims to provide advanced one-stop glass solution to construction, decoration, transportation, defence, leisure & sports and so on. 


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  • The use and existing problems of fireproof glass in building engineering/2

    1. the type and practice of fireproof glass partition According to GB/T12513-2006 “fire test Method for Glass-encased Components”, the fire-proof glass partition is divided into thermal insulation type and non-thermal insulation type according to fire resistance, according to the publ...

  • The use and existing problems of fireproof glass in building engineering/1

    With the rapid development of economy, buildings, especially commercial buildings, are designed to be bigger and bigger. In the city where the author lives, 5 large buildings with more than 300,000 square meters were built within one year. The fire prevention design of such large buildings is com...

  • Doors and Windows enterprises will use product quality to win the market

    At present, consumers trust the brand quite deep, when buying doors and Windows products may be more blindly inclined to big brand products, and the crisis will always happen inadvertently. But compared with the door and window brand, in order to obtain the trust of consumers, it is very importan...

  • What characteristics of glass are hollow energy-saving glass?

    Characteristics of hollow warm screen glass 1, heat insulation 1) Hollow heat insulation: Hollow energy-saving glass adopts the best structure of A+12+A, and the space gap is. Experimental data show that when the gap of the middle empty glass is 12mm, the comprehensive energy saving effect is the...

  • Why does the crack appear after the hollow glass is combined?

    With the importance of energy saving in China’s buildings, insulating glass as an energy-saving product is more and more common in the application of building doors, Windows and curtain walls. Due to the low technical threshold of insulating glass production and broad market prospects, the...