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Yantai Joyshing Glass Co.,LTD. ,as a specialized and leading manufacturer and supplier of various glass products in China, aims to provide advanced one-stop glass solution to construction, decoration, transportation, defence, leisure & sports and so on. 


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  • Low carbon economy will be the new competitiveness of doors and Windows enterprises need to enhance environmental awareness

    With environmental pollution and ecological deterioration becoming more and more serious, low carbon economy and low carbon life have become a global hot topic. In today’s increasingly serious air pollution, to create a healthy home living environment is the pursuit of many consumers, incre...

  • Comparative analysis of energy-saving characteristics of building glass

    1 the introduction China is a big energy consuming country, and the energy consumption of buildings, industries and transportation is the main source of energy consumption. According to statistics: building energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the total energy consumption, this proportion...

  • Glass curtain wall design knowledge

    (1) the keel Composed of longitudinal columns and crossovers, it is used to support the glass, secure the glass, and connect with the wall structure through connectors. It transfers the dead weight of the glass, wind load and other loads to the main structure, so that the glass and wall structure...

  • Glass curtain wall waterproof 36 ways

        The reason of water seepage of glass curtain wall is very complicated, which involves design, material application, construction and management, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen research, formulate effective measures, comprehensively control and nip it in the bud. Now l...

  • Measures to prevent glass defects

    From the type of glass defects and forming reasons can know, to prevent the production of various defects, must be in the glass composition, preparation of compound material. Effective measures shall be taken in melting system, selection of refractory materials, design and construction of meltin...